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Sky Petroleum, Inc. is an emerging oil and gas company investing in international exploration and development activities. The Company's common shares trade on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol SKPI.OB.

Sky Petroleum, Inc.'s core management and technical team comprise proven oil and gas professionals, with extensive international experience in all aspects of exploration, operations and venture capital markets.

To build near-term shareholder value, management's focus is to seek opportunities where discoveries can be appraised rapidly, and developments can be advanced by accessing existing infrastructure, and further benefiting from the extensive experience of established operators.

In consort with the Company's near-term initiatives, Sky Petroleum, Inc. will continue to pursue high-impact oil & gas projects that demonstrate potential to evolve into world-class discoveries.


  • US listed independent focused on the Europe, Middle East and FSU

  • Focused business model

  • – Strategic focus on near production opportunities
    – Low burn rate = positive cash flow
    – Positive cash on balance sheet
    – Relationships with proven operators

  • Raised USD 38 million in 2005

  • – Invested USD 25 million for Mubarek Project, USD 1 million for Luzskoye

  • Experienced technical, operational, legal and financial capabilities


Our primary strategy and business plan is to identify opportunities to either make direct property acquisitions or to fund exploration or development of oil and natural gas properties of others under arrangements in which we will finance the costs in exchange for interests in the oil or natural gas revenue generated by the properties. Such arrangements are commonly referred to as farm-ins to us, or farm-outs by the property owners farming out to us. We may also make investments or acquire other energy related projects or businesses.

Other Projects

  • U.A.E: Agreement for offshore Mubarek Field1

  • Russia Oil Field investment

    • Luzskoye field, Komi Republic of the Russian Federation1

    • Via Concorde Oil & Gas plc.1

1 – investment impaired to zero as of 12/31/09